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I have installed a number of 1.8 dishes and they are performing well on the standard definition channels but not good with high definition. There is also little margin for rain or cloud cover when channels can drop out a little especially ITV although I have not had any complaints from the dishes I have installed. With this dish all BBCs, ITVs, C4s and C5s return.


The 1.8 prime focus dish needs to be floor mounted on a substantial concrete base. I can currently supply and install a 1.8 dish including floor stand and single lnb for 650 euros (depending on where you are and the price does not include the construction of a base).


If you want something above and beyond just about OK then a 2.4 dish is the answer BUT they are silly money at about 1200 - 1400 euros.


For further info on satellite TV installation in the Albox area please contact me.